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Opening The Spa Box was like smelling heaven. Instant relaxation just from the scents. I love the soothing tea and instructions were super easy to follow. Once I started using the products, I could tell they were really high quality and my skin felt amazing after. My husband even noticed! First compliment on my skin ever!


I just finished the body treatment and boy was it nice. Everything smelled amazing. The bath salts. The body wash was absolutely out of this world. The exfoliation felt amazing. Then I used the oil all over my body and my skin is like tingling. Then I ate the chocolate. The chocolate was to die for. I drank the tea in the bath. The whole thing was amazing and now I feel so unbelievably relaxed.  I really needed this last night and now I feel 1000% better


My wonderful husband surprised me this morning with this Spa Box. A personalized professional facial from The Spa Box. Susan, you did an awesome job! I cannot wait to relax and enjoy this beautifully put together gift!!
If anyone is looking to show someone you love and appreciate them, this is the perfect way!!


I had a breakdown kind of morning and this box came just in time, and it actually smells just as good as it looks. I legit sniffed the box for a few minutes before opening Haha.
Thank you for providing some sanity in my life and thank you so much for the heartfelt note. It's a small gesture and yet touched my heart today when I needed it a lot more than most days.


This crazy time we are in has hit me sideways. At first it was as if I had already retired...and then, well, survival mode kicked into high gear and the workload became 24/7 to put my business Online. Your Spa Box arrived just as pandemonium hit my world. As I worked late into the midnight hours...there it was, beckoning, alas, to no avail. Finally, this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, I took a few hours for myself. The moment I opened the first vial and that heavenly Spa aroma wafted through the air....I was in heaven! The products were more than expected, plentiful, quality and enough to do it again! Thank you so much! I can’t recommend your Spa highly enough.


OMG...they smell amazing and lots of little goodies instructions on how to use it....again THE SMELL is AMAZING...Got both my boxes one for Mother's day and the one I ordered for myself… I am telling you....You need one…



About The Box & What To Expect

Q. How do I get the right box for my skin type?

If you already have a good idea of what your skin type is, then you can go ahead and select your box based on your unique skin situation.  If you aren’t so sure, then you can take our Skin Quiz which will not only give you a better idea of your skin persona (and type), you will also get a complete breakdown and skin persona cheat sheet to help set you up for success!  You can fill out the skin quiz here.

Q. Are the boxes customizable?

Yes, if you have a unique skin concern outside of the Skin Persona’s we’ve laid out, we make adjustments accordingly.  If there are any essential oils or products you dislike, in some cases we can change that up too.   Just let us know using the notes section when adding your box to cart or filling out the consultation form provided in the confirmation email. 

Q. Are these boxes personalized?

They absolutely can be.  When we know that it is a gift and we have the name of the recipient.  We personalize the note inside of the box.  Just let us know using the notes section when adding your box to cart or filling out the consultation form provided in the confirmation email. 

Q. Can we include a personal note?

Yes, just let us know what you would like to include on your note using the notes section when adding your box to cart or filling out the consultation form provided in the confirmation email. 

Q. How many treatments are in each box?

There can be up to 1-2 treatments in each box.  Some of our clients have gotten even more.  Certain products you will get multiple treatments.  It depends on how much you use, and a little goes a long way! The rule of thumb is use a little, you can always add more.  

Q. Are they full size products?

No, they are not full size products and this is done very intentionally.  We want to ensure that you get each and every step and product that you would get if you were lying on the treatment table getting a professional facial.  Depending on the treatment you are getting up to 10 different products and providing full size, professional grade products would make the treatment extremely expensive AND you might not be ready to commit to the entire line.  Full size products are great when you already know that you are going to LOVE it! So we are more about the experience, and the treatment results rather than loading you up with more products you might not even use.

Q. Can we purchase the full size treatments if we love it?

Yes, absolutely.  If we don’t carry it directly, when you purchase a box you get exclusive access to brand discounts and offers as well!

Q. How complicated is the process?

Not complicated at all!  We try to make this as fool-proof as possible.  Each treatment and container is labeled and included you get the step-by-step instructions.  We try to leave no questions unanswered.  If you think we should add something? Let us know, we are always looking for ways to improve.

Q. Are the products Canadian?

Most of the products and brands we incorporate are Canadian with the exception of 1 or two American / European made products.  Our goal is to keep the box and brands as Canadian as possible. 

Q. Are the products vegan and / or cruelty free?

All of the bands and products we carry are cruelty free and most of them are vegan.  If you are looking for products that are only vegan, please let us know using the notes section provided when adding your box to cart so we can make any adjustments if needed.  

Q. Is the box environmentally friendly?

We’ve selected boxes and containers that are recyclable, and / or reusable.  Plus we donate to ________________ with every box sold in an attempt to offset our carbon footprint.  

Q. How is The Spa Curator Socially Conscious?

We have partnered with  ________________ and help give back with every box we sell.  We are hoping to give more as we grow!  We also donate products and boxes to local women’s shelters regularly to really help share the spa love.

Q. Is this a subscription box?

No, this is not a subscription box.  At least, not yet and there is no waitlist!  You can purchase this product as often as you see fit.

Q. What makes this different from other boxes?

What makes us different is that we are not just focused on giving you a bunch of products to try, so we can provide feedback to those brands, which is what a lot of traditional subscription boxes are.  We are focused on providing an amazingly, memorable spa experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, and we guide you through every single step of the process.  We are offering professional grade products, so you will actually see results.  

Q. What is the digital experience?

We want to give you something that you can enjoy straight out of the gate when you place your order.   The digital experience includes:
- A welcome video to help you get started and answer a few questions that you might have.
-3 Guided meditations you can choose from to help you get into the zen.  You can enjoy these during your treatments or on your own.
- A detailed breakdown of each product and their ingredients. 
- 5 Day Back To Self Reset Challenge
- You very own success planner

Payment & Shipping policies

What method of payment do you take?
We currently offer two different express payment options through Google Pay and Shop Pay. We also offer credit card payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and a few other credit card companies.

Do you offer payment plans?
Unfortunately not at this time but, this is something that we are considering in the near future.

Where do you ship?
The Spa Curator currently ships only Canada-Wide. We may look to offer our boxes to other countries soon!

How long does it take?
It usually takes around 2-8 Business days but with COVID-19 we have experienced delays.

How can I track my package?
As soon as your package has shipped you should receive an email with a tracking number. The Shop app takes your tracking number and provides you with updates.

What if I don’t get my order?
If after a certain amount of time, your package has not arrived, we will ship out a new box or depending on certain circumstances, provide a refund. 

What if I am unhappy with my box or purchase?
We always try to make it right, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
We will often send replacements, if there are any issues or you are unhappy before we opt to do an exchange, since exchanges often take twice as long.  

Do you offer a referral program?
Yes we do! The link can be found here: The brand ambassador program.