20 Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Your Box


By deciding to try the full experiencebefore you buy, you are reducing the waste that comes from unused full-sizeproducts that just weren’t a good fit for you and your skin, and with all ofthe ways you can re-purpose these containers, it’s making it even easier!


Cosmetic Containers

1. Pill containers

2. Travel size cosmetic containers

3. Arts and crafts - mixed paints or glitter.

4. DIY cosmetics

5. Paper clip & pin holder

6. Breath mints or gum

7. Essential oils

8. Earing or small necklace holder

9. Spice holder (that’s not a stretch is it?)


10. Keepsake

11. Photo box

12. Repurpose as a gift box (just print a new label).

13. Arts and Crafts (the Pintrest world is your oyster)

14. Bathroom or Desktop organizer

15. Closet Organizer for small garments

Crunch FIlling & Mesh Bags

16. Put crinkle paper into little mesh bags with 10 - 15 essential oil drops and place in your clothing drawers.

17. Easter basket or other gift basket filling.

18. An amazing fire starter (just saying - but please proceed with caution).


If it’s time to recycle, here is what you can do to streamline that process.

19. Use all of the product in each container. These are amazing professional-grade products, so you don’t want to waste any of it.

20. Wash the containers on the top shelf of your dishwasher. This is beneficial whether you are going to recycle or reuse your containers.

21. Dispense into the same recycle bin as your plastics and glass.

Win Your Next Box!

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