The Affiliate Program

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Spa-Curator affiliate? Here at The Spa Curator we believe that there should be opportunity for everyone to earn and it's very simple!

How does being an affiliate work?

Becoming an affiliate means that you are becoming your own boss while working with us. Being an affiliate means that any traffic that you bring into our website that makes any purchase, you will receive a payout of 10% of the total value.

For example: On a purchase of $100 dollars in products, you receive a $10 commission.

Sounds interesting? Here are some of the benefits of affiliating with us...

Benefits of the affiliate program

- 10% commission on all sales

- Personalized link that allows us to track your progress and payout accordingly

- Cookie duration: 30 Days

- Monthly Payouts

- VIP access to The Spa Curator team for interviews

- Monthly newsletter to let affiliates know about new offers and products.

- Special prizes for the top 3 affiliates per quarter

How do I get started?

- Fill out the form by clicking on the “Let’s get started!” link below

- Your information will then be reviewed for approval

- Once approved a personalized link will be sent to you, for you to include on wherever your traffic is coming from!

Believe you have what it takes? Let’s get started!

Our Values 

We are a small local female-owned business with a clear vision in mind of Hope, Inspiration and Transformation. Self-care is a must and we are excited for anyone else wanting to join us on this journey! 

How we Curate the BEST Spa Experience...

  1. Quality: At The Spa Curator we carefully curate our products with care and caution. We will only use products that work and do as they say.
  2. Natural, Organic, Cruelty-free and environmentally cautious: Wherever possible we do our best to deliver these products knowing they are coming from an environmentally friendly source. 
  3. Supporting local businesses, Brands and People: We do our best to source from  local businesses, while supporting brands and people with the same beliefs on self-care.

CLICK HERE to join our affiliate program. It is free!