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At The Spa Curator, we prioritize quality, sustainability, and supporting small businesses. Our commitment to sourcing clean, natural, and ethical products is unwavering. Each item in our spa gift boxes is thoughtfully selected and curated to create unique, indulgent experiences.

We're not just curating products; we're crafting moments of pure relaxation. The Spa Curator spa gift boxes are designed to elevate self-care into a ritual, a practice of self-love, and a journey of wellness.

  • "I absolutely LOVE my Spa Box!!! I can’t say enough to everyone I know how wonderful this experience has been. From the moment I received the box, the heavenly smells filled my senses. The personalized products and complete instructions made this all so easy to use and confident knowing the products were customized for my needs. Thank you Susan for such a complete relaxing and stress free luxury spa treat for myself!!!"

    Natalie H.

  • "This box was pure bliss. Being a mom and not having time for yourself or even time to go to the spa by yourself this box is genuis. You can do it on your own time. All you need is an hour to feel pampered. Im glad it came with instructions to which helped a lot if your not familiar on how to do it properly."

    Katrina S.

  • "This was what I’ve needed —and should have treated myself to so much sooner! I was impressed with the value in this box; including the incredible spa quality products and also the extras that I’ll be using for many years to come like the facial cloth/ makeup remover, and the cute headband. The entire experience is well mapped out and I recommend following it step-by-step for the ultimate luxury experience. Perfect for Covid-times and busy people who can’t get to the spa."

    Lindsay L.

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At-Home Spa Treatments

Welcome to Your Luxury DIY At-Home Spa Experience Indulge in the ultimate... 


    We truly put our heart and soul into every box to give you the best possible experience. If for any reason your experience isn't amazing, we want to know about it so we can make it right. No matter what!


    Most of the products and brands we incorporate are Canadian with the exception of 1 or two American / European made products.  Our goal is to keep the box and brands as Canadian as possible.


    We’ve selected boxes and containers that are recyclable, and / or reusable.  Plus we donate to Tree's Canada with every box sold in an attempt to offset our carbon footprint.  Plus we also provide you with tips on how to reuse everything inside of your box!

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