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How To Get That Youthful Glow - Without Ever Having To Step Into The Spa

Ladies, do you feel like you are lacking that healthy glow? Have the stresses of the last year taken its toll and you are feeling a little dull? 

Sometimes our faces can show all the stresses we've experienced throughout the day. Our faces can show a bad diet, a stressful life and a lack of self care, but you can do something about it, so now is the time to start. 

The good news is you can get that healthy glow back! It isn’t complicated but with a few tweaks to your daily routine and lifestyle we are confident you can say goodbye to premature ageing and get that youthful glow back. 

Want to know how? Let’s get to it...

Your skincare routine checklist

First things first, let’s crank up your skincare routine! Pamper your skin for that healthy glow and to beat the pesky signs of premature ageing. 

Your skin needs nourishing inside and outside too. So there are a number of things you can do to get this locked down. Here is the checklist…

Hydration - Your skin needs water to glow. You need to drink around 8 glasses of water a day for your skin to remain healthy. Studies have shown that drinking enough water can increase blood flow to the skin helping the body to flush out toxins while giving you healthier skin.

Cleanse, tone & moisturise - Cleansing, toning and moisturising should be part of your daily skincare routine. Investing in a good quality set, like that included in the spa box, will nourish your skin. Adopting this routine will keep your skin looking glowy and healthy.

A Spa Box - The Retreat Collection Spa Box contains everything you need to give your face and body that healthy glow. Containing a luxury spa facial and body treatment to get you glowing from head to toe.

Exercise to give you that natural GLOW

When it comes to achieving a natural, healthy and youthful glow, you might not have considered exercise would be one of the main contenders. If you have ever enjoyed a good workout, you may have noticed rosy cheeks and just generally feeling great afterwards?

Aerobic exercise makes you break a sweat and this helps to promote the removal of toxins through perspiration. Having a good workout, be it resistance training or cardio activity will tone, improve blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin and so enhance a healthy glow. Let’s not forget the endorphins released during exercise too, the ‘feel good’ hormones which give you that natural buzz. A happier you is a healthier looking you.

Studies have shown that long-term exercise along with good nutrition can help to slow down the skin's ageing processes. 

Get your nutrition on point

Following a healthy, balanced diet can help to keep your body fit and healthy so you are less likely to suffer the effects of ageing. Lean proteins, wholegrains and healthy fat sources are the building blocks of a healthy diet. 

Antioxidant rich foods containing vitamin C or E, can help prevent chronic diseases or delay the aging process. Research suggests vitamin C from foods can help regenerate skin cells, reduce wrinkles and fight against ultraviolet aging of your skin when exposed to sunlight.

Allow yourself to de-stress 

Stress can take a huge toll on your appearance. If you are feeling stressed this usually shows in your face. Large amounts of stress can cause an inflammatory response in your body which can lead to premature ageing. Stress can cause the development of fine lines, reduced elasticity, and uneven pigmentation. The loss of skin elasticity may also contribute to the formation of bags under your eyes. The best thing you can do for your healthy glow is to DE-STRESS. Try to get on top of life's stresses and give yourself some time out, take a nature walk, breath in some fresh air or even go to an exercise class.

The less stress you have the better chance you have at achieving that healthy glow. Try burning some lavender essential oil, an excellent aromatherapy option to help you unwind. It is prized for its calming effects on the body and mind and ability to lessen anxiety.

Meditation for a natural, healthy glow

Have you ever considered meditating to give yourself that natural glow? Meditation involves achieving a calm and steady state mentally by focusing your attention. The practice has been known to help combat the ageing process and keep you feeling younger for longer.

Meditation can be a fabulous tool for building skills to manage your stress levels. 

It allows you to increase your levels of self-awareness while focusing on the present.

Meditation can help to reduce negative emotions while increasing imagination and creativity, patience and tolerance.

Mindful breathing promoted in meditation adds oxygen to the skin, which is key in boosting cellular health and giving you that healthy glow. Meditation also lowers your stress levels which will make for a healthier looking, bright face. 

Having fun and laughing 

Do you smile a lot? Or are you a frowner? Smiling keeps you young! In fact, the more you smile and laugh the more you are helping to keep a youthful appearance. Think about it, who doesn’t look better when they smile? Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins in your brain. Laughter can also stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation, both of which can help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress. So go on, tell some jokes, let loose and laugh! 

On that note…

After reading the above, hopefully you feel like you have a battle plan when it comes to getting back that healthy glow and looking your best. With some good lifestyle changes and adaptations coupled with an excellent skincare regime and great products, you will be tackling the problem from every angle. Don’t accept the ageing process, take matters into your own hands and get your natural glow back. 

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