How To Trust Yourself More

How To Trust Yourself More

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How much trust do you have in yourself? 

Having trust in yourself is often easier said than done... after-all we are our own worst critics right?  When we have a lack of trust in ourselves, the repercussions are greater than you might think.  So what exactly is at stake and what can we do to restore it? 

On the blog today, we have invited Grace Grossman,  a Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach and author of Chill Out and Cheer Up based in Berlin, Germany to come and show us how self trust and self love go hand-in-hand and restoring trust in ourselves can help up-level our lives.   

Over to Grace...

If you find yourself struggling to trust in yourself, then you may suffer from low self-esteem or not have connected with your inner self yet.

When you start to trust yourself more, then stress reduction and self care follows. But how and why do you even begin to trust yourself?

It is all about identifying what the root emotions are that can cause you to distrust yourself, not to mention that society spurs us on to not trust in ourselves but rather them, so it can be hard. It doesn't have to be that hard, so here are a few ways to trust yourself because you will learn that trusting yourself is everything.



Be yourself

How to trust yourself more would be, to be yourself more. A lot of the time, we strive to be like others around us that we may look up to. There’s a difference between being inspired by others and wanting to be like others - what about being your authentic self?!

Being your authentic self entails doing what you really want and thinking what you want. Building your identity will allow you to trust yourself more. 

Be open

Being open with yourself means accepting all the failures and fads that you are or have and being OK with it. Being open is about being free with other people and showing genuine interest in others because you are so comfortable with yourself. When you accept yourself, then you come to trust yourself more.

Visualize yourself

Ever used visualization as an aid to trust yourself more? Visualize yourself from a third perspective and see what people like about you. You may even want to write these things down to go back and look at them when you need them, when you need a boost. This will help build your confidence and courage to trust yourself more. Visualizing yourself serves as a healthy reminder that you are worthy and are enough as you are.


Enjoy your own time

Down-time is the best time. When you spend time alone, then you get to know yourself the best. This could mean reading, writing or just being alone by meditating. Whatever it may be, practice being alone so that you may enjoy your own time as much as you enjoy being in others company. This way, you will build trust by engagement with your inner being. 

Yes, it may feel weird at first if you are not used to it, but you will get used to it - you are the only person you have to spend your whole life with, so it’s worth it. 

Have hobbies

Like spending time alone, you must have hobbies to build trust in yourself. Hobbies build confidence in us and that leads to building trust up. Whatever hobby it may be - from sport activities to sewing, it is up to you to choose what suits you best. Hobbies can hone in on your skills and set you up for becoming more flamboyant in your character.


Connect with your inner needs

When you connect with your inner needs, you know yourself more. It builds up your self-esteem and self-worth when you get to know what your true desires are. How do you get to know your inner desires though? Well, following the above - by spending time alone and exercising a hobby. Connect with your inner needs and you will start to trust yourself more.

Communicate with others

Other people help in building up the talent to trust yourself more. When you communicate with others about what you are lacking or needing in life, then things become more clear. You have no need to fear when you have people near. 

Communicating with others will help you to trust yourself more as you learn to express yourself more clearly and confidently. It will also show you what is important to you and what is maybe not from conversations.

Keep track of your successes

Ever lose track of what you’ve accomplished? Well it’s important to remember because at times the reason why you don’t trust yourself is to do with the fact that you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. As humans, it is very normal to beat yourself up and forget about what you have done, rather than focus on what you’ve not done. 

So remember to give yourself some credit and write down all the things you have achieved. Note them down, look at them. Take in what successes you have had and feel proud. This will allow you to build trust in yourself and be more confident.


And your failures

As much as your successes, it’s important to note your failures as well. We must remember these so we can move on and find better ways to tackle them in the future for example. 

Building up trust in yourself comes from seeing the bad and the good and noticing where you can be better. You need to practice acknowledging these areas when you are building up trust in yourself and making the right decisions.

Remember your why

Last but not least, remember why you are here. When you have a bigger meaning in life, the more you can trust yourself. Giving yourself time to grow and stay in the know will allow you to discover what your bigger reason is. When you have a why you have a where. People may tell you what this is - just seek and you shall find.

In conclusion:

How to trust yourself more concedes with many points about bettering yourself and becoming more self-aware. They are factors that will allow you to find faith in yourself. We hope that by following these tips, you will learn to trust yourself more and lead a healthier, happier life. Your mindset will shift and you will start to live on the better path of life. 

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