Sleep & Anti-Aging

Sleep & Anti-Aging


Finding one’s way to a goodnight’s sleep in the face of mounting stress can feel like an impossible task.

We understand.

We’ve all been there.

Whether you’re juggling working form home while homeschooling, or feeling frustrated by missing your fave in person yoga class, we get it. It’s a lot. As if the lethargic feeling of being sleep deprived wasn’t stressful enough, there’s the fact that not getting enough of those Zzz’s wrecks havoc on our skin. You’re already doing so much during this pressure cooker time of pandemic stress. It’s completely unfair that your skin should suffer too, but it is likely experiencing the effects of sleep deprivation.

Just like the rest of your body, your skin needs sleep to repair and rejuvenate those skin cells. Stressed, sleep deprived skin may show signs of trouble in the form of breakouts, dark circles, pale complexions, or hanging eyelids. When it’s feeling like it’s all too much, and your skin just isn’t looking like its best version of you, consider an overnight mask. An overnight mask has the power to calm that inflamed skin and smooths wrinkles and small lines. Check out this mighty overnight mask: 

Even if you aren’t struggling with sleep deprivation, a nighttime skincare routine is sure to get your skin looking clear, glowy, and fresh. Our simple three step routine is sure to bring that glow back into your skin.

       Cleanse: Leftover makeup, dead skin cells, dirt: do you want that left on your face? Chances are you answered, “no.” It’s important to remove all of that buildup from your face before heading to bed. Even if you don’t wear makeup, your skin sweats and produces oil, so it’s important to remove it to prevent breakouts and inflammation. Try something like the Cleanser Souffle which is made from organic materials and cleanses your face with a milky, yet lightweight creamy cleanser. It will get rid of all of those nasty oils and buildup without stripping your skin. Check it out here: 

          Overnight moisturizer: Now that your skin is feeling fresh and clean, it’s time to put on an overnight cream. A good overnight cream will hydrate your skin and promotes higher cell turnover. Hydrated skin and greater cell turnover translates to fewer wrinkles. Check out the ExCellience Youth Enhancer Moisturizer. This cream relies on sirtuins, the longevity guardians in your skin cells which fight against ageing signs.  You can find the cream here.

         Pillow Case/Position:  Now that your face is primed and protected, it’s time to get in the habit of protecting it with the right position, or pillowcase. Sleeping on your front, or your side can indeed disrupt your sleep by causing you to awaken with a sore neck or shoulders, but it also affects your skin. Sleeping with your face pressed against a low grade cotton pillow for long periods of time does not do your skin any favours. In fact, it leads to wrinkles. Your options to reduce wrinkles caused by cotton pillow cases are- A: switching to a satin or silk pillowcase, or B: training yourself to sleep on your back.


    While this routine is a fantastic way to get a fatigued or even rested face looking fresh, the best remedy will always be a goodnight’s sleep. Check out these four pro-tips to catch those Zzz’s. 

          Temperature: Whether you sleep with a fan, the AC, or open a window, it’s best not to sleep in a balmy room. Experts say 18.3 degrees Celsius is the optimal sleeping temperature. There’s a bit of give or take in this range, but make sure not to go over 20 degrees Celsius to optimize those Zzz’s. Your body’s internal temperature changes throughout the 24 hour cycle, and lets you know it’s time for bed by expanding the blood vessels in your skin. Kick your socks off because your feet are getting too warm? Your body is letting heat escape to reduce your core temperature. So, let your body do what it needs to do to get you to sleep, and keep your bedroom between 18-20 degrees Celsius.

          Exercise: If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably made sure they’ve gotten enough time running and playing to tire them out for a goodnight’s sleep. Guess what? You should do the same. It’s no secret that sweating is a great stress reliever. You will be sure to have a more relaxed sleep after hitting that exercise class, or following along on zoom. Just make sure that adrenaline has time to wear off before bedtime.

          Relax: Just relax, would you? We know telling someone experiencing stress to relax seems like a frustrating oxymoron. However, sometimes it’s just about making it part of your routine and finding what works best for you. Try a calming bath while listening to your favourite podcast or music, yin yoga, or a guided meditation. Decide what works best for you, and make it part of your bedtime routine.

          Comfortable bed: As we spend (hopefully by now) approximately 8 hours of our time in our beds, it’s certainly an item worth the investment. So make sure to choose one that best serves you. If you’re experiencing back pain, you want to try a medium-firm mattress. If you can’t afford a new mattress right away, consider a memory foam topper. Beware, however, that many people complain that these toppers trap body heat. Look for a cooling memory foam.

    Please note that if these tips aren’t working and you’re dealing with serious insomnia, you should consult your family physician.

    A skincare routine, new sleeping position, or pillowcase, and a nighttime relaxation routine: you’ve now got what it takes to get to sleep, and keep your beautiful face looking fresh.

    Stay tuned for more tips for living your best life!

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