5 DREAMY TRAVEL SPA DESTINATIONS That should be on your bucket list!

5 DREAMY TRAVEL SPA DESTINATIONS That should be on your bucket list!

Five Unique and Luxurious International Spas Sure to Ignite and Ground Your Spirit

Travel. The thrill of packing your bags, beginning a countdown, and leaving it all behind sounds like a distant memory as lockdowns have kept us at home, and unable to escape our stresses via that dream vacation. But as vaccinations continue to rollout, it’s time to start daydreaming again, planning, and maybe even begin packing those bags! With the aftereffect of pandemic stress still lingering, an outdoor spa makes the perfect dream vacation destination. This is why we’ve chosen five spas across the globe with outdoor relaxation, unique offerings and renowned luxury. And for those of you who want to keep close to home, we’ve got some indulging at home spa suggestions just for you!

From luxury, to budget, and adventure, these spas have got it all. Check them out!

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Spa Nescens La Réserve - Geneva, Switzerland: Surrounded by lush mountains, Switzerland is known for its raw natural beauty and has long been established as a global leader when it comes to luxury. Thus, it is no surprise that this peaceful European country hosts a plethora of outdoor spa experiences. While it’s located a mere five minutes from the city centre, you certainly don’t get city vibes at La Réserve. With views of the mountains and lake, nature meets luxury, and relaxation is sure to be had with its long list of spa experiences such as anti-aging packages and a world-class restaurant, Café Lauren. Learn more here 


While a trip to Switzerland may not be possible in the near future, consider indulging in your own spa experience at home. You’d be surprised at what you can create in your bathroom with the right products. Why not try an at-home spa package? The right candles, incense, and body scrubs have the power to transport you away from all the stresses of working during a pandemic. Consider the Spa Day Box to create a transformative experience. This package is for those who like to go all out when it comes to a relaxation experience. Complete with a body package that can be used while soaking in the tub, and a facial and manicure/pedicure packages, you’ll be able to release all that built-up stress and rejuvenate both your skin and spirit! Check it out here:

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Nihi Sumba Island Spa, Indonesia: As its website says, this spa is “socially distant, but wildly connected.” Connection with oneself and nature is sure to be found at this adventurous and luxury spa located in the Southeast Asian archipelago. For our thrill-seeking spa-loving friends, this is your oasis. The Nihi Sumba Island Spa offers the special experience of the Nihioka Spa Safari. Imagine spending your day trekking through the jungle with a guide, followed by a refreshing dip in the ocean and then being treated to a facial? Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Learn more here


While dreaming about a divine trip like this, don’t forget to make some time to treat yourself. You can create your own exotic at-home spa experience that will leave you calm and glowing. Check out the Retreat Collection which is sure to tantalize your senses with its tropical bliss products. This package includes a body collection to help you relax at home in your tub or a long shower, and a facial package designed for your specific skin type. You may even consider going for a hike or a brisk walk after this energizing spa experience. Check it out here


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Norefjell Ski & Spa Resort: How could we compile a list of the best spas around the world, and not include one from the birthplace of the nordic spa? For our ski bums and winter lovers, a dream vacation to a true nordic spa has got to be on the bucket list. If you’re a skier, you’ll love the ski in/out option at this spa. Imagine hitting the powder, feeling refreshed and little exhausted, and then skiing back to your hotel and soaking at the spa, followed by a massage. Sounds like bliss!


For our sporty friends who are still saving for this dream vacation, or waiting for the right time, why not plan an adventure day closer to home, followed by a mini spa day? Go for that hike, or run, and when you come home, give your feet a relaxing soak and treat those tootsies to a pedicure! While you’re at it, give yourself a relaxing manicure. Check out our mani/pedi box here


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Grutas De Tolantongo, Mexico: If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, then consider checking out Grutas De Tolantongo, only a few hours drive from Mexico City. This collection of hot springs are perched on a mountain, and the water that flows is a dreamy turquoise blue. What’s more is that it only costs 8 USD for a day’s admission to the park.


If you’re not quite ready to plan your dream vacation to Mexico, and the Grutas De Tolantongo Hot Springs, try an indulging soak in a mustard bath. “A mustard bath?” you ask. Mustard isn’t just for sandwiches; in fact, mustard powder is enriched with therapeutic powers that will work those nasty toxins away from your skin. So, lay back, soak, relax, and let the mustard bath do the work, leaving you rejuvenated. Check it out here:

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Amangiri Spa, Utah, USA: If you’ve ever dream't of checking out the USA’s famed canyon country, consider doing it while simultaneously dipping into the luxury of spa life. Encircled by mountains, Amangiri Spa offers breathtaking views, grounding relaxation experiences and adventure. National parks, caving, canyoning, and horseback riding are just some of the adventure packed experiences offered at Amangiri Spa. This place truly has it all. Learn more here:


While dreaming about this world-class destination, give your face and body a youthful treat. Whether you’re feeling like your face looks tired, or you’re craving a calming experience, the at-home spa treatments is sure to give you a little extra spark. You deserve a little luxury! Check it out here.

Happy dreaming!

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