The Spa Curator vs. The Typical Subscription Box

The Spa Curator vs. The Typical Subscription Box

 Who doesn’t love a subscription box?

Opening a colourful box filled with goodies curated for you along with some surprises sure sounds fun, doesn’t it? But, are those goodies really curated just for you, or are they more of a marketing scheme? And, how good are they really? Are we talking about top of the line products, or are they leftover items that need to be shipped out because they’re about to expire and be discarded? What really is the objective behind these subscriptions, and do these boxes truly add value to your life or more products to your shelf?

Let’s check out some of the most popular subscription boxes that range in price and purpose to see what they’re really about, so you are completely in the know when you are ready to jump on the subscription bandwagon.  

Full transparency... the reason why we are breaking this down is two fold.  1. So you have the information you need when you're ready to invest in any subscription box that we believe is important to know 2. So we can show you once and for all that we are not a subscription box as you know them, but rather a completely different experience all together.  

Fab Fit Fun

First we’ll start with the most well known subscription box, Fab Fit Fun (FFF). If you haven’t already tried it you probably know someone who has, or have seen it pop up on your social media. The products in these boxes range from household items to beauty products, and are curtailed to match your lifestyle based on the lifestyle quiz you fill out when you sign up.  These products tend to be large scale, mass produced products and ultimately are part of a marketing initiative to help gain exposure and then feedback about those products from the consumer to the brand - this is typical for many subscription boxes - that most consumers aren't aware of.  

There are some great perks to FFF, like full sized products, the low price-point of $49.94 US per month, compared to the high value of the products, they are typically very on trend products that you've likely already seen and have been curious to try - FFF makes it easy for you to do that.   But this assortment of products focused on marketing has got us wondering, do you really need these products to feel fabulous? Are they result driven or marketing driven?

What do we mean results driven?


When we think results driven, we think about getting an end result that you crave.  In our case, that's stress reduction and more youthful, glowing, hydrated and refreshed skin.  A simple, hassle-free approach to anti-aging skin and selfcare.  

The Spa Curator has recently launched a monthly facial membership which includes professional grade facial products based on your unique skin type. From cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masking, and all of the finishing touches, you have everything you need and would have gotten if you were lying down on our treatment table. 

Sure a box of cool, somewhat random items is fun to unpack in the moment, but how much value does a pretty bowl that you might use once a year, or another lipstick similar to two others you already have hold? A monthly facial subscription, however, is designed to improve your skin over time based on your exact skin type. At The Spa Curator we learn about your unique skin type with our specialized skin quiz (that we don't share with anyone else). It’s designed so we can carefully select the best products for you. It’s not just about the value of getting more products for a lower price, it’s about getting quality products, and moreover the right products which will transform your skin. It’s just that simple. Interested? Check it out here.



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 The Jilly Box

You’ve also probably seen influencers promoting boxes, and wondered if they actually like the products, or are they just being paid for their Insta stories and TikToks?

The internet can be a confusing world to navigate. What reviews are truly reviews?  What partnerships are true authentic partnerships that we can trust?When Canada’s bachelorette sweetheart turns into an influencer marketing machine, and creates her very own box, we begin to see a whole new standard of of influencer marketing and subscription boxes, but it comes at a price. 

If you haven’t already guessed it, we’re referring to the gorgeous reality tv star turned entrepreneur, Jillian Harris, and her Jilly Box which literally broke the internet when it released in fall of 2019.

Firstly let me just say, that I am a big fan and follower of Jillian Harris and I am currently on the wait list for one of her Jilly Boxes because I do trust her judgement and know her recommendations are pure and want to continue to learn from the best while also supporting the small brands that benefited from being in her box. 


One thing that we know is that most (or many) subscription boxes, particularly the big guys that can offer really cheap prices, are provided products for free and in many cases also pay additional fees to be in those boxes so they can get feedback.  Again, marketing. 

With the Jilly Box, this does not appear to be the case.  The Jilly Box works with small mostly Canadian, woman owned businesses, and pays them fairly for their product. There’s lots of things we love about the Jilly Box such as the fact that she supports small, mostly Canadian, woman owned businesses, full sized products, but the boxes aren’t cheap coming in at $199 CAD per box.  What’s more is that there’s a very long waiting list (of 100,000 people on it the last time I heard), and even if your name is called, it's a one-time purchase - so  I suppose, not really even a subscription box at all (aside from the very lucky first 5000 that got it).

While the lure of being part of an exclusive club is tempting, the only downside is that once again, while the products in each box may be fabulous, is there a way to know that they will all be just right for you? Will you love them?  Use them? Gift them?  This is a risk you take with any subscription box and something you should keep in mind. 

The Detox Box - By The Detox Market

Quality of products is also a big concern when choosing your subscription box. It’s not just about what we put in our bodies, but also what we put on it. This concern inspired The Detox Box, a subscription focused on products that are non-toxic. These boxes are $79.99 (less if you subscribe for 3 or 6 month bundles), feature one brand every month, and you get at least $110 of product in every box. 

The perk? You get to try new things and experience new brands, full size products that are clean and when you are experiencing multiple products from one brand that work together, you will get a more accurate view of what that brand and those products can do for you.  We love that! The downside? You get, what you get, there doesn't appear to be an option to customize your box. Which is ok but there's still that risk that you won't love every product inside of it. 

Boxy Charm


If you’re looking for a subscription at a much much more economical price point and are looking for a way to try out fun new products both makeup and skincare... there are lot's of options out there and Boxy Charm is one of them coming in at only 25 USD per month. While this subscription box has gotten mixed reviews, the plus is that it is a great way to experiment, try new things and get creative with little money invested just in case you don't love every product.  The downside (aside from a limited ability to customize) is that these are very big brands, so if you are looking to support small businesses, or for a more natural product, get really high quality product that you know will get you results, then this might not be the best fit. 

Ok when if comes to subscription boxes... Bargains are fun. Cool new things to try are often times pretty awesome and there are so many different kinds of subscription boxes our there... I mean if you can think of it, there's likely a subscription box for it. We so totally get it.

It's just not who we are. 

We provide all-natural professional-grade spa treatments you can do at home that provide you with professional-level results.  We also love support small Canadian businesses and are one ourselves. Everything is customizable, and we hand pour and assemble every treatment with love, care and attention for you.  While we do throw in some surprise bonus product from time to time, and depending what treatment you choose, by and large, you know what you are investing in, you will get results and satisfaction is guaranteed.  

So when you are ready to invest in any subscription box, individual at-home spa treatment or monthly facial membership, you just need to ask yourself what exactly you are investing in and why - and then have fun with it!

The Ageless Skin Membership

If you haven’t already checked out The Spa Curator’s Ageless Skin Membership, or one of our other signature at-home spa kits, check them out here. This really isn’t just another box and products on your shelf; it's a complete treatment and experience you are going to love. No marketing schemes, waitlists, confusing cancellation stipulations. Plain and simple.

Got questions? Leave a comment below or email so we can get them answered for you! 


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