The Spa Box - The Real Story

The Spa Box - The Real Story

Prioritizing self-care is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Because, becoming the best version of yourself and living the life that you’ve always envisioned begins with setting yourself up for success by nurturing your mind, body, and soul. 

Hope, inspiration, and transformation – the three pillars that drive all our big decisions when we brainstorm new ideas to cater to the needs of each and every client.  

Our Story

When life gives you lemons, you Google every single recipe out there to see what you can do with them – and you get to work!

The Spa Box was founded during an uncertain time – a new beginning for us in the midst of adversity. For us, it represented hope, inspiration, transformation and faith – in being capable of accomplishing anything (and everything) that you set your mind and heart to. 

We first started out as Azura Spa, a traditional brick and mortar spa location and we opened in March of 2012. Back in March, 8 years later, we decided to temporarily close our doors in an effort to do our part in keeping everyone safe during the pandemic – our staff, clients, and the communities all around us. 

A new approach in providing you with the ultimate spa experience – at home

As revenue grinded to a halt… we had to think of something, or anything quite frankly at this point to give our business the shot at survival it deserved.  

We knew deep down thought that just anything would not do.  It had to be something that was in line with our greater vision.  It had to be something that our community actually wanted. It had to be amazing. 

We ran surveys to identify what our community (what you) really wanted and it was… without a shadow of a doubt, a way to indulge in spa treatments in the comfort of their own home. So we got to work and created prototypes to turn the best spa treatments into step-by-step at-home treatments – spa treatments in a box! 

Our goal was – and still is, to provide our clients with an exceptional spa experience and to make them feel special. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding the time to unwind and de-stress isn’t always the easiest task. We wanted to figure out the best solution that would also bridge the gap between the new norm and providing the ultimate spa experience. 

By giving you the best tools and resources to treat yourself to an at-home spa sesh… The Spa Box came to life. And this includes our blog – your new go-to resource for tips and information related to beauty, self-care, and health and wellness. 

While the spa box absolutely gave us hope in a time of crisis and it was clear of the potential that it had… alas...

Shortly after, we made the extremely difficult decision to close our doors for good. After nearly a decade of serving our community, the harsh reality was… that the new norm presented a string of challenges for our business as well as us as human beings and we wouldn’t be able to overcome them all.  

The greatest challenge? We were no longer able to provide an outstanding all-around spa experience for our clients while delivering our services… and that was what we loved to do. The complete lack of childcare… Another huge factor in why we decided to take this step was the financial stress that came along with having to restructure the business to accommodate the new changes in how we would do things, and re-build our business back up to the point of being able to make good the huge financial set-back that was taken on us during this time. Those are just to name a few of the hurdles that quite frankly, we couldn’t afford to overcome. 

Reality is, we’re still grieving over the loss of this business, and something that we dedicated 8 years of our lives to isn’t there anymore. But I took this as an opportunity to take a leap of faith and embrace change as we move forward onto a new beginning. The blessing within this situation is that I can finally spend more quality time with my kids, which is what I always wanted and my mother can finally retire...ish.  She is insistent to be every bit a part of The Spa Box as she was with the spa, God love her.   

Admittedly I didn’t expect to uncover such passion for the at-home spa experience… but I am lit up and excited to bring every little bit of spa love that you deserve. 


The Spa Box is so much more than just a treatment in a box…

We strive to make it easier for women and even men to prioritize self-care, because we know that it plays a key role in our overall well-being. How? By creating perfectly curated, personalized spa experiences that our clients can indulge in – in the comfort of their own home. 

Our values

We’re a small woman-owned business operating with a clear vision in mind – hope, inspiration and transformation.  

For anyone on that journey, self care is a must-have piece of the puzzle and we couldn’t be happier to be the ones to bring it right to you. 

How We Curate Your Spa Experience

We are pick when it comes to how we choose our products and the treatments that we provide, here is what we look for: 

    • Quality: We’re committed to choosing high-quality products that WORK and do what they say they are going to do. You can be confident that all the products we carry are the best of the best for addressing all skin concerns.  
    • Natural, organic, cruelty-free, and environmentally-conscious wherever possible: We care about the planet just as much as our clients. We strive to choose products that are formulated with ingredients that are better for your health – and the environment. We carry a range of plant-based vegan skin care options as well.  
    • Supporting businesses, brands and people that share our values: We try our best to support local, Canadian-owned businesses whenever we can and we show our support to the brands that care about the same things that we do no matter where they might be. 

Inclusive: To uphold our commitment to embracing diversity and inclusion, we constantly seek new ways to improve the way we do things – at all levels within our business structure and through actively supporting businesses owned by people who come from all backgrounds – with diversity in mind. 


The Spa Box is committed to creating the best curated spa experience


At The Spa Box, we’re constantly in search of new ways to deliver the ultimate spa experience – for a luxurious at-home spa sesh!

Part of how we do that is by providing you with the Unleash Your Beautiful Skin - Your Expert Consultation form which is going to give us insight into your skin, issues you are having, results you want to see so we can make the best possible recommendations for you. 

Stay tuned: We’re currently working on extending our product range to offer full-sized products, so you can choose personalized spa collections featuring full-sized products with the option of purchasing them à la carte – you know, if there’s ever a product from your box or the collection that you just can’t get enough of.  

To all of our community, past, present and yet to come… we thank you for your support and for being with us on this journey that we know will be nothing short of… epic



Go ahead and get your spa box today! 


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