Wellbeing Hacks For Better Skin

Wellbeing Hacks For Better Skin

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Do you feel like your skin isn’t looking as bright as it used to? 

Maybe you can’t understand why you keep getting breakouts? 

Your skin really does take a beating each day and many of us don’t take the necessary steps to take care of it correctly. Throughout your lifetime your skin is subject to a number of harmful factors such as rubbing, touching, friction, air pollution, indoor pollution and of course the toxins from your makeup. You may be feeling like your skin isn’t at its best and breakouts and blemishes seem to be all too common. The good news is that you can get better skin in as little as 24 hours! With a few changes and additions you can wake up with beautifully soft, smooth and blemish free skin, want to know how? Read on...

Treat yourself to an home Spa treatment 

Have a pamper day with a customized treatment from The Spa Curator! Give yourself an afternoon or evening to really treat your skin to some luxurious treatments. If you want better skin in almost an instant then you can really indulge and take advantage of these luxury DIY treatments. The following products included in the spa treatmetn will help to give you better skin in an instant.


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Cleanser - The cleanser rids your skin of impurities giving you a blank canvas. 

Toner - Penetrates your skin super fast to remove dead skin cells and provide a quick hit of 

Serum - Absorbs quickly into your skin, making them an excellent next step after cleansing

Face Mask - Refines large pores, improves skin texture, absorbs excess oil and dirt, decongest clogged pores.

Eye serum - Makes your eyes look brighter, reduces puffiness, bags and dark circles, and minimizes signs of aging.

Moisturizer - Helps to reduce the appearance of other blemishes while helping your skin stay young and fights wrinkles.

Drink, drink and drink

The one thing most people forget about looking after their skin is staying hydrated! Beautiful skin starts from the inside so you must stay well hydrated. Ensure you drink your 8 glasses of water a day minimum so your skin stays moisturized and hydrated. Not drinking enough can make your skin dry and this means your makeup will flake off and your pores will become clogged up. Why not invest in an extra large water bottle and take it with you wherever you go as a reminder to drink enough! 

A recent study that was designed to quantify the impact of dietary water on major indicators of skin physiology concluded that results seem to confirm that higher water inputs in one’s regular diet might positively impact normal skin physiology, as expressed by its hydration and biomechanical behavior. In particularly this may be even more relevant for the elderly or obese, for whom dry skin is a consistent compliant.

Make sure you get your beauty sleep

Are you getting enough beauty sleep? Do you feel like you have tired, dark eyes?

To achieve beautiful skin in 24 hours this is probably the most important thing you can do. We’ve all heard of beauty sleep, but a good shuteye session will not only rest your mind and body but also provide an opportunity to repair your skin. While you’re off in the land of nod, your cells busy themselves with cleaning and regenerating, deny this maintenance and forget about radiance in the morning.

Studies have shown that skin hydration was gradually decreased with sleep restriction and skin gloss, desquamation, transparency, elasticity, and wrinkles were significantly aggravated after 1 day of sleep deprivation.

Before bed skin treatments to wake up with a glow

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep so use this time to get the best out of it!

Your skin is usually dehydrated between 11 and 2 in the morning. A good idea is to treat your skin to a hydrating and nourishing face mask before bed. A product such as the Pure Overnight Youth Concentrate eliminates signs of fatigue providing you with a radiant complexion within 24 hours.

Giving your skin a moisture infusion before you go to bed will ensure it stays as hydrated as possible while you sleep allowing you to wake up with soft and subtle skin. Also, before you go to bed it is a good idea to apply a night time moisturizer as this will help to repair your skin overnight.

Have some makeup free days

Do you feel like you keep getting breakouts?

If you want better skin in 24 hours then try and go at least 12 hours without wearing a scrap of makeup, if you feel like you can go longer then do it! The longer the better! Of course, still follow your daily cleansing and moisturising routine and wash your face accordingly. Not wearing makeup will allow your pores to recover from all the build up they are used to. Your skin will get a chance to breathe and repair itself and even heal blemishes and breakouts. Often a barrier of makeup increases oil production, so not wearing makeup can decrease oiliness, clogged pores and pimples.

Not wearing makeup will allow you to wake up the next day with clean, fresh and beautifully soft skin.

Studies have found that many makeups and cosmetics contain an abundance of preservatives, stabilizers, mineral pigments, dye, and shine. Some of these substances may also have allergic, irritating, and harmful effects on human health. This means that your skin can really suffer as a result of using makeup regularly and not removing it correctly. 

If you are tired of your skin looking a bit lifeless and worse for wear it’s probably time you paid a little more attention to your skincare regime. 

If you are fed up with having bad or dry skin then follow the above tips and watch your skin reward you for your efforts and transform in front of your eyes. Give it the break it deserves and enjoy beautiful, soft and flawless skin as a result. 


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