Giving Back Together

It’s one thing to live, create and thrive, it’s another to make an impact, help another, be a leader and leave a legacy. It may be easy to think of ourselves as too small and not relevant enough to be able to contribute, give back, make a difference.  We must rise up out of this mentality and know that even the smallest difference is still just that, a difference.  One step will lead to another and another until our footprints carve a pathway of profound impact on the people, our communities and the world around us.  So while our steps might not be grand, they are true and move us toward always doing better. 

- Susan O'Sullivan

Even though we are small, our dream is to be mighty and give back in any way we can. So for every box sold from our retreat collection, we are donating to two charitable Canadian organizations that we believe are making a difference that we truly believe in. 

Day’s For Girls

Days for Girls Canada Is a key part of Daysfor Girls International's mission to shatter stigma and limitations associatedwith menstruation for improved health, education, and livelihoods.


Every girl and woman has inherent worth anddignity. Days for Girls celebrates this by providing sustainable feminine hygienesolutions and health education. When girls and women have health, education,and opportunity, communities and our world are stronger.


What if lack of feminine hygiene kept youin your room for days?


No school for days. No income for days.Days for girls can change that!


Days for Girls Canada works with thefounding organization, Days for Girls International, towards the goal of everywoman in the world having access to feminine hygiene.


They make washable feminine hygiene kitsfor distribution to girls and women in need, Feminine hygiene education for thegirls and women receiving kits, training for girls and women in need to sewwashable feminine hygiene kits.


For every $15 donated, Day’s for Girls canprovide a girl, in a developing country, with sustainable feminine hygiene thatwill last her for approximately three years.


Their goal? Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.


Each DfG Kit has been hand-sewn by volunteers orenterprise leaders who are held to our quality standards. Why? Because what thegirls see matters; to us and to them. No one wants to use ugly period products— not even those of us with easy access to them. Have you seen Tampax boxeslately? They’re beautiful, and that’s on purpose. DfG Kits are no different! Wewant the girls to love them and feel comfortable using them.

That’s why all of our Kit components comein a beautiful drawstring bag. The fabrics are bright to make each user feelspecial. The drawstring is made extra long so that girls can carry their Kitlike a backpack. After all, many girls have to walk long distances to school orwork, and this makes it handy for her to carry her pads … and whatever else sheneeds.

To learn more or to donate visit:

Instagram: @daysforgirls


Tree Canada

We’re the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments.

Through our programs, research and educational efforts, we have helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, helped green 660schoolyards and organized urban forest conferences.

To date, with our community partners and sponsors, we have planted more than 82 million trees.


Improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees while teaching about the value of trees.


To bolster Canada’s urban forests and inspire people to participate in, and advocate for, community greening.

Core Values

Passionate: They are committed to a greener, greater Canada.

Collaborative: They work hand-in-hand with partners, governments and agencies.

Integrity: They conduct business with the highest level of professional integrity.

Quality: They are committed to delivering quality educational programs and services. Results-Oriented: They focus on achieving tangible results.

Our work with Indigenous communities

Tree Canada believes in honouring thevalues of the truth and reconciliation commission and have been proudcollaborators with First Nation communities and their tree plantings projectssince our beginnings in 1992. Together, they build healthier communities andshare a love and respect for natural spaces.

To learn more or to donate visit: