Meditation and Anti-Aging: Is it The Secret We've Been Looking For?

Meditation and Anti-Aging: Is it The Secret We've Been Looking For?

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Meditation and anti-aging - is it the secret we've been looking for?

It's easy to think that anti-aging is only skin deep and focuses solely on the creams, serums and treatments we do for our skin. What we don't often realize is that while, yes, we do want to do the best for our skin, there is so much more out there.

When it comes to true effective and lasting Anti-Aging, we need to consider that the mind, body and soul must work together to truly look and feel and look our best. 

Meditation leads to stress reduction and better sleep which is naturally going to affect how we look. When we have more energy, feel less stressed, we are more productive, happier, laugh more, we feel more in sync with our life. This is going to show up on our skin and our faces. So, why not learn the power of meditation and the effect it has on our skin! 

Benefits of meditation for skin

Let’s face it - we have all the products, and treatments in the world at our fingertips, but which ones work? Does it ever feel like you are using all of the right things but still feeling like you aren't seeing the results in your skin? It may just be that you aren't the anti-aging and self-preservation process from a holistic perspective.  According to Wellness, and the  Art of Livingmeditation can slow the aging process and relieves us from stress. 

If you think about all of the times that you have been under unusual amounts of stress, or you've seen others stressed out or experiencing trauma, doesn't it tend to make you or them appear more tired and haggard (arguably older) than they really are, but when feeling amazing, healthy and happy you / they are glowing?  I don't think it's a coincidence, do you?


“More and more studies have come out heralding its ability to reverse your brain’s and body’s age” - Ziva Meditation

Just a few minutes a day may help keep the doctor away! If you practice meditation for five minutes a day and build it up from there, you may start to see the difference in both how you feel and eventually, how you look. But how do you start meditation if you’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked or you don’t know how or where to start? Don’t worry, we got you!

We spoke with Grace Grossmann a meditation facilitator, instructor and author of Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide and here is what she says. 

How to get into Meditation, when it's never been your thing...

Meditation can be hard to get into if you are one for wanting to dash around and always be busy. In fact, it is hard for everyone to begin with so don’t be hard on yourself! That is lesson number one when it comes to meditation.

You are going to get thoughts racing around in your mind and that is totally normal. The aim of meditation is to quieten these thoughts and become aware of them. In fact, so aware of them that they just drift by like clouds.

If you are a beginner, simply start with a five minute meditation or even a two minute meditation - the shorter the better to train your brain! Don’t be hard on yourself for thinking all the thoughts, but become silent and an observer of what is going on so you can eventually detach yourself - that is the aim.

You may want to practice first thing in the morning (proven to be the best time of day for meditation) or last thing before you go to bed because it helps with:

Better sleep

Research shows that the body increases your levels of adrenaline when stressed and this can make it harder for you to fall asleep. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling bad and bitter, but it can also affect your skin and raise the rate of disease.

So what do we do?


We meditate!

Your bedtime routine may want to include practicing meditation because it can help you fall asleep and put your mind at rest, leaving you in a peaceful state of mind.

A recent study said improved sleep quality is linked with mindfulness.  Mindfulness meditation is a practice where you become mindful of your thoughts, your surroundings, what you hear, what you feel. It can also bring more awareness within.

Meditation before bed will leave you feeling restored the next morning and less stressed because meditation helps with fighting stress.


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Less Stress

Meditation can help to address stress. We all feel it, so why don’t we use tools we have at our disposal to combat it? Research shows that it is clear chronic stress levels are a worldwide problem. We are all rushing rather than relaxing. It can be as simple as taking some time out to breathe for a few minutes to ease your stress.

Again, it doesn’t have to be long but can be a few moments of peace to push the stress away. This way, your skin and your stress will thank you! Furthermore, the opposite of stress is to feel at ease. In turn, when you feel at ease you become:

More productive 

Lifehack says that stress can improve your productivity because the right side of your brain will work more actively - the side of our brain responsible for more creativity. 

Again,  when you are less stressed, you become more willing to be more productive because you have more energy to work with. 

After a meditation practice, you experience more mental clarity and peace that will thus energize you. The time you have spent worrying and stressing is now on being productive and at peace.


Are you starting to see the correlation here?

The last thing that meditation can help with anti-aging is to be:

Feel More In Sync With Life 

When you entertain your own meditation practice you become more in tune with yourself and your life. Things around you make sense and suddenly starts to feel like everything is in sync.

Are you ready to try out a new more holistic approach to anti-aging? Then try meditation for as little as 5 minutes today and just see how you feel.

The Takeaway 

While the benefits of meditation are endless, from having better sleep and more energy, it is incredible that meditation can actually reverse your body age and help you have better skin!


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